Thursday, July 5, 2012

it was the fourth of july in two thousand and twelve

one girl and one boy went out on the town. they ate lunch at the in-laws (and baked up a pie),
then off to the pool (and a watermelon contest). the hours went by and it was time for a nap.
the husband got grumpy when the wife said wake up! but good thing she's in charge
for they skipped all the crowds and watched the show from (a) downtown (rooftop).

IMG_2119 copy
IMG_8349 copy
IMG_8329 copyIMG_8351
IMG_8331IMG_8346 copy
IMG_8339 copy
IMG_8342 copy
IMG_2136 copyIMG_8376

eaten: 1 apple pie, 3 bratwurst, 1 avocado sandwich, 3 corn on the cobs, 1 pint of strawberries
pools swum in: 1 + kiddie pool
middle-aged men making fools of themselves on the diving board: too many to count
naps: 1 
rooftops climbed (i.e. rode the elevator to): 1
popsicles from king of pops: 3
fireworks seen: many
fun had: lots


  1. Swum?
    I loved your story. The "wake up!" part was my favorite.

  2. How do you like the King of Pops? My friend is using the king at her wedding (instead of a wedding cake).

  3. LOVE all of your pictures! Looks like a fantastic celebration was had:)

  4. thank you! and sus - yes, king of pops is amazing!

  5. you'll notice from my recent string of (lame) comments, that i'm catching up on your blog...and because i love the 4th of july especially and a lot, i love love love this post, too. but i also love catching up on your blog--its inspiring me to keep going with mine.

    happy 4th, 5th, 6th, and the others. xoxo

  6. yay! just so you know, you are a huge inspiration to me, too. and your comments are never lame!

  7. loved this post and all the photos :) miss you sweet becca <3