Thursday, June 9, 2011

best vacation ever

an ode to the beach
(or rather, a list).

this week was the best vacation ever. 
we're finally home with our lars, 
making sure he knows he's loved 
(even though he already got a lot of love 
from the grandparents while we were gone).
it's nice to be home, but i'm a little fried 
from our long drive, so hopefully i remember
all of the highlights of our trip:

1. walks on the beach
2. the search for the perfect sea shells
3. making the best sandcastles
4. yum yum mexican food at tower 7
(and pizza and vegan burger and breakfast...)
5. our super (and silly) photo shoots
6. spending time with jazz
7. the sun, the sea, the sand
8. capturing the sunrise 
9. porpoise sighting
10. arguing the merits of calvin&hobbes vs. farside
(c&h wins, of course).
11. getting pictures of lars from home

1 comment:

  1. this makes my heart happy! it looks & sounds like your vacay was so awesome--and i know it was so well-deserved. <3