Friday, April 29, 2016

planting a garden {micro vlog}

a few weeks — months — ago we went to the gardening store and picked up a few plants for our tiny little garden. we built the garden bed last year (our first time trying to grow anything!), and it didn't do too well because we were such novices, so this time we kept it simple and didn't buy any seeds, just plants. we planted strawberries, thyme, french lavender, purple sage, pineapple sage, some peppers and some flowers! it was a lot of fun and hopefully we'll actually get to eat some from this garden! especially since i'm actually remembering to water this year. ;) maybe next year we'll branch out even more.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

baby wearing at the farmer's market


on saturday we walked all around the peachtree farmer's market for the first time. evie was snug as a bug in my new baby wrap (in love!), and wilder was over the moon about his salted lemonade popsicle (so good!). and we got little tart bakeshop pastries, which are my hands-down favorite pastries in atlanta. i have been dying to go to a farmer's market ever since spring hit, so basically this was a saturday high five for me.

you guys, i have to tell you about this wrap from my friend's company tuck&bundle (go check it out! you will love it!). i bet you've seen (and maybe tried) something similar to this wrap, but if you're like me, you found that they were always too constricting, hard to put on, and your babies never liked being in them. my babies didn't at least. i think they felt claustrophobic in the tight wrap because the fabric did not give enough. but turns out, not all wraps are created equal! this wrap is not like those wraps. and this fabric! oh my gosh, this fabric is like wearing a soft, cozy t-shirt. it's just like a hug for your baby! it has amazing stretch and yet is strong enough to easily hold my 22-pounder, 15-month-old! genius! evie has always loved being held and that has not changed even if she also wants to get down every five minutes, haha. i have worn her since i brought her home from the hospital (hands free is pretty essential when you have an older kid, amiright?), and so we've gotten a lot of use out of the carriers we have. and i have to say, this wrap is in the top three, at least. whenever i put her in it, she pops her thumb into her mouth and gets all cozy. i think she loves it as much as i do. the best part is that because of the weight distribution, i could have worn her comfortably for even longer than the 45 minutes or so we were walking around the market. yes, it takes a few tries to get acquainted with the wrapping style, but it's so nice and light and therefore easy to put in a bag and bring with you anywhere. i feel like i should add that i'm not getting paid to write this, i just really, really love this baby wrap. if i ever get around to writing a new and improved list of things you need for baby, i would definitely add this to that list.

but anyways, doesn't evie just look so cute when i wear her? i was joking the other day that wearing her is like being pregnant all over again...if i was pregnant with a 22-pound baby, that is. ;) i'm kind of in love with baby-wearing all over again, these days, if you hadn't noticed. i wish i had had these beautiful baby carriers when evie was tiny and i wore her all day long! it is one of the best things about this baby girl, that she loves being held so much. please be kind, time. i want to wear/hold her for months and months and months to come!


Monday, April 25, 2016

lullwater park {micro vlog}

last week we went back to lullwater park on emory university for an afternoon picnic. even though it's sometimes work to get us all out of the house on the weekends, it's usually such a good investment because getting out of the house means that we get to focus on spending time together instead of all the chores, etc. of family life. this sunday was no exception. i spent most of nap time grocery shopping and making food for our little picnic, but then when we got there, we all had such a great time. and this weather is like, if you don't get out and enjoy me now you'll be sorry in another week! haha. seriously, i feel like spring is almost over and we are all about to hit summer heat waves, so i want to be outside as much as possible. if you live in atlanta and don't know about this park, it is truly a little gem. geese to feed, lots of clover for little kids to run around in, big ol' trees to get lost in. pretty much the perfect spot.

hope you enjoy the video!

Friday, April 22, 2016

weekly portraits


i feel like the photos in this post tell the story of my kids' different personalities so well.  wilder is such a thinker and creator and observer, and evie is such a do-er and climber (and rebel), haha. she climbs ALL the things! like if you notice, i took way more pictures of her because i basically can't leave her side what with her proclivity for climbing (plus falling off of) everything. poor wilder! i feel really bad sometimes that so much of my attention is given to evie these days just to make sure that she's safe, but i guess things will even out in the long run as she gets older and more aware of what she can and can't do. i hope! cross your fingers! her lack of caution and fearlessness is so great but ahhh! you know?

also, evie wants to do everything she sees her big brother do. i love seeing her learn and process things by watching wilder. and he is (most of the time) so sweet and caring and helpful with his little sister. they make such a great pair. that top photo makes me cry with laughter and happiness because of his sweet hug and her little face! she has obviously been hugged too hard a few times;). i don't think i could have ever dreamed of more perfect babies.

asked me later to say "A" with my hands and i had no idea what he was talking i do! haha! of course.

i wish you could hear her complaining as she forces her way onto this bench...she's so determined to get up there even if she has to smash her face into it! haha!

always learning this one. currently loves learning to count in spanish and french. :)

happiest when playing with things that aren't meant to be played with. ;)

see?! my little rebel.

sweetest big brother ever.

always copying her brother. do her eyes not slay you dead? they slay me. i will probably spoil her rotten. :)