Monday, April 25, 2016

lullwater park {micro vlog}

last week we went back to lullwater park on emory university for an afternoon picnic. even though it's sometimes work to get us all out of the house on the weekends, it's usually such a good investment because getting out of the house means that we get to focus on spending time together instead of all the chores, etc. of family life. this sunday was no exception. i spent most of nap time grocery shopping and making food for our little picnic, but then when we got there, we all had such a great time. and this weather is like, if you don't get out and enjoy me now you'll be sorry in another week! haha. seriously, i feel like spring is almost over and we are all about to hit summer heat waves, so i want to be outside as much as possible. if you live in atlanta and don't know about this park, it is truly a little gem. geese to feed, lots of clover for little kids to run around in, big ol' trees to get lost in. pretty much the perfect spot.

hope you enjoy the video!


  1. Love your videos! And that park is magical!

    1. thank you! isn't it?! we love it so much!

  2. So fun! beautiful park and even more beautiful family