Sunday, January 29, 2012

weekend life

this weekend, we looked for vintage stuff for the house (can you spot what we got?), had lunch at southern sweets bakery and tried their chocolate pound cake (super rich), made peanut butter bran chocolate chip cookies (so good!) while we finished painting our chalkboard, and other things...

Friday, January 27, 2012

nyc adventure: part the end

are you tired of my ny pictures? oh good, me neither ;) 
another favorite part of the trip was walking in central park.
even though it was stupid cold, central park is beautiful and 
it's always amazing to see nature sprouting in a giant city 
of stone and brick and concrete and steel.
i did feel sorry for the horses though.
another favorite part? macarons from la maison du chocolat.
oh yeah.

we nyc.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

nyc adventure, part 3

probably my favorite part of the trip was being surrounded by so much beautiful
art and architecture. it reminds me of europe. and then having breakfast at the
little bistro downstairs from our hotel every morning. i could get used to that.
on sunday we tried to do brunch at JoJo near(ish) the Met, but they didn't open
till noon, so we found a little diner on the corner, instead.
très charming.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

nyc adventure, part 2

i've visited my new york family a handful of times over the years—not nearly enough really—
but the funny thing is, i've never really done the super touristy things. i mean, i'd been to a broadway
show and we once tried to get to staten island, only we took the wrong ferry...i went to coney island
when i was really small, but i don't remember it so it doesn't count. i went to the guggenheim
and possibly the natural history museum...but over all, i had avoided being a tourist because that's
so, well, lame, right?

this time, i thoroughly enjoyed being a tourist. we went to the top of the rock and took lots
of cheesy photos. we went up the empire state building at midnight and paid some extra dollars
to ride the vomit train (it's a no go), had street food from the halal guys on our way to the hotel (falafel, yes!), saw another broadway show, took a cab (my freezing fingers gave thanks), tried out shake shack (well, not me), walked around with our eyes to the sky in Times Square,
went through Central Park and wished we had bread for the ducks (probably overfed, right?),
finally got to see (1/10th of) The Met, wandered around the upper east side and found souvenirs at a local coffee roastery, visited Ground Zero, made friends with a stranger on the subway
(not called the metro), bothered the studiers in the Mid-Manhattan Library (told you;),
and probably a few more things i've forgotten. and now i kind of wouldn't mind living there. for awhile. you know, if we could afford it. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

nyc adventure, part 1

so, we went to nyc a few weekends ago to 
celebrate my grandmother's 90th birthday. 
can you believe that? i can't. she looks like she's
not a day over 70, too. i hope that's in my genes!

we had so much fun running all over the city, 
even though it was fahreezing cold. and not just
because i'm a southerner. even my ny cousins said
it was colder than usual. i'm talking four layers of 
leg-things and two pairs of gloves. i haven't seen cold
like that since russia! sadly, we missed the snow.

and we had an amazing time seeing my dad's side
of the family. gosh, i love them. every time i see them, 
i am amazed we're related, because they are so cool.
i guess it just runs in the family;)