Tuesday, January 24, 2012

nyc adventure, part 1

so, we went to nyc a few weekends ago to 
celebrate my grandmother's 90th birthday. 
can you believe that? i can't. she looks like she's
not a day over 70, too. i hope that's in my genes!

we had so much fun running all over the city, 
even though it was fahreezing cold. and not just
because i'm a southerner. even my ny cousins said
it was colder than usual. i'm talking four layers of 
leg-things and two pairs of gloves. i haven't seen cold
like that since russia! sadly, we missed the snow.

and we had an amazing time seeing my dad's side
of the family. gosh, i love them. every time i see them, 
i am amazed we're related, because they are so cool.
i guess it just runs in the family;)


  1. So fun! I've always wanted to visit New York. Maybe in the summertime. ;) Glad you had a nice time with your family!

  2. I LOVE all of those photos!! Can't wait for part 2!