Sunday, January 31, 2016

a reason to blog


hello friends! 

it's been over a year (13 months!) since i blogged! first, i just want to say how glad i am to be back. this past year has been full of so many things, most notably the birth of the most beautiful, perfect, amazing baby girl, which i will definitely write more about later. to help me maintain a semblance of sanity while adjusting to being in charge of two tiny people (among other things), i had to take a break from the blog.

however, even though not blogging was good for last year, ultimately i decided that i really missed having a record of our year together as a family of four. so many things i didn't get to record last year! like W turning 2! and my baby girl rolling over, laughing, getting teeth, learning to crawl, climbing on everything, playing with all W's toys...! you get the picture.

back in 2011 i started this blog as a way to celebrate life, and i find that now (5 years later!) with two littles i have even more reason (and desire) to celebrate and to document life. truthfully, this past year has been challenging. we've had health issues, we've had two babies under two (for a little while), we've had ER visits (nothing major), we've had all the normal (but still crazy) chaos of family life. but we also have had a million and one reasons to be so in love with these children and this life. i am so grateful for every day with this family. and i've found that when i am actively looking at it, my everyday is pretty magical. messy, yes, but also, magical. so i'm going to start blogging again, to capture all that magic here as a love letter, to my family, and to my self, for when i need reminding of how wonderful i have it.

this, then, is my B roll -- photos of this never perfect, often messy, but still magical life chez nous. welcome back!

p.s. as you can see, this blog has also gotten a facelift and a new name, and there is also a new URL (don't forget to bookmark it!). i'm still in the process of filling out my about, contact and fun facts pages, but if you want to say hi, feel free to contact me at brollblog(at) i'm happy to have you here!