Thursday, December 25, 2014

wilder in 2014: week 52

ww week 52

this boy loves fruit, so we got him a whole collection of pretend plastic fruit and veggies which comes with five color-sorting baskets. it's perfect timing since he recently started learning his colors. so far, he likes to throw and kick the fruit and insists they are balls, but i'm pretty sure they'll get a lot of play time...eventually. this kid got some seriously good haul in the present department this year, which is mostly due to his being the only child/grandchild for a few more weeks. to my surprise, he quickly grasped the concept of unwrapping the pretty boxes, although i don't think he completely understood that inside of each was a present for him. i keep saying it but this age is just the best.

also, how are we already at the end of the year?? have 52 weeks really gone by? it's a little confusing because next week will be week 53, but there are still 6 days in the year, which kind of seems like a "week" to me, so i'll probably take a photo and post a photo anyways...assuming i'm not in labor. :)
i have to say that i know i didn't do a great job with this whole one portrait a week every week of the year thing...i would like to say that pregnancy really threw me off, but i think i'm just not very good at being on top of this kind of project for so long. i don't think i'll commit to the same project for next year, but hopefully i'll still be taking lots of photos (of both my children!) and posting them here. see you next week for the last photo!

wilder in 2014: week 51

ww week 51

here's my little bear, grumpy because he's convinced i'm looking at something really cool on the back of my camera that i just won't let him see (i am;). is there anything better than beanies on babies? also, elmo is a huge obsession these days. sigh. i did not introduce him to elmo, but apparently elmo cannot be escaped. no matter how much mama would like to, haha.

wilder in 2014: week 50

ww week 50

i took this photo a few weeks ago of wilder playing in the leaves at a friend's house. i think that was the last of the good weather recently (it's actually a beautiful day as i type this). that same week wilder came down with a cold that kept us inside for far too long, and then it started raining, keeping us inside even longer. i'm hoping we can get outside some more next week before this baby comes, since that's one of his top requests these days!

Monday, December 1, 2014

wilder in 2014: week 48

ww 11_25_48
putting on papa's shoes! last week was the longest week in the world, and i can't really remember the week before, in which i totally forgot to take any photos of wilder. oops. i think that was the second longest week in the world, because we were all still kinda sick, kinda cooped up, it was week 3 of nanowrimo (which i finished!!), and blah blah blah. so, here is week 48 with three photos!

ww 11_25_48
ww 11_25_48
i just really love this little dude.

wilder in 2014: weeks 44-46

ww 11_2_44

i've bowed to the fact that i'm a terribly inconsistent blogger, and also can nearly promise you that i will not be making any more great commitments to year-long-spanning projects. i mean, you know, unless some kind of inspiration hits. ;) but seriously, i'm kind of terrible at this every week/every day kind of blogging commitment as is evidenced heretofore. and with that apology out of the way, i bring you three weeks of unpublished weekly wilder photos, with another week coming right up! it's your lucky day! i kind of like that I'm publishing these three together though because there is a nice progression from his babyhood straight into all grown up hood. you'll see.

week 44: wilder on pumpkin carving day. aka, one of the last photos of wilder with long hair.

ww 11_9_45
week 45: the last photo of wilder with his long baby hairs. oh how i miss those baby hairs! i cried twice on this day. i was not quite prepared for the shocking change of him becoming a little boy suddenly. his tatie jamie cut it, and she did a really great job, despite his eventually realizing something was going on back there and repeatedly turning around to see what it was + saying all done over and over. haha.

ww 11_14_46
week 46: my grown up little boy! look at him! i have to admit its grown on me and i think he looks quite handsome here. my little hardy boys boy. sick on the couch, playing "coca" (toca boca) on the iPad. or maybe it was endless abc's, another favorite. i am amazed at how long the iPad keeps his interest, which does not make me happy and i try to really super limit his time with it. even though he asks for it all day long. ;P