Thursday, December 25, 2014

wilder in 2014: week 52

ww week 52

this boy loves fruit, so we got him a whole collection of pretend plastic fruit and veggies which comes with five color-sorting baskets. it's perfect timing since he recently started learning his colors. so far, he likes to throw and kick the fruit and insists they are balls, but i'm pretty sure they'll get a lot of play time...eventually. this kid got some seriously good haul in the present department this year, which is mostly due to his being the only child/grandchild for a few more weeks. to my surprise, he quickly grasped the concept of unwrapping the pretty boxes, although i don't think he completely understood that inside of each was a present for him. i keep saying it but this age is just the best.

also, how are we already at the end of the year?? have 52 weeks really gone by? it's a little confusing because next week will be week 53, but there are still 6 days in the year, which kind of seems like a "week" to me, so i'll probably take a photo and post a photo anyways...assuming i'm not in labor. :)
i have to say that i know i didn't do a great job with this whole one portrait a week every week of the year thing...i would like to say that pregnancy really threw me off, but i think i'm just not very good at being on top of this kind of project for so long. i don't think i'll commit to the same project for next year, but hopefully i'll still be taking lots of photos (of both my children!) and posting them here. see you next week for the last photo!

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  1. i miss these posts! that's not meant to make you feel bad--i know you must be unspeakably busy <3 i just wanted to let you know how much i loved the little window into your world and how happy i'll be when you are able to post again. xoxo