Monday, December 1, 2014

wilder in 2014: weeks 44-46

ww 11_2_44

i've bowed to the fact that i'm a terribly inconsistent blogger, and also can nearly promise you that i will not be making any more great commitments to year-long-spanning projects. i mean, you know, unless some kind of inspiration hits. ;) but seriously, i'm kind of terrible at this every week/every day kind of blogging commitment as is evidenced heretofore. and with that apology out of the way, i bring you three weeks of unpublished weekly wilder photos, with another week coming right up! it's your lucky day! i kind of like that I'm publishing these three together though because there is a nice progression from his babyhood straight into all grown up hood. you'll see.

week 44: wilder on pumpkin carving day. aka, one of the last photos of wilder with long hair.

ww 11_9_45
week 45: the last photo of wilder with his long baby hairs. oh how i miss those baby hairs! i cried twice on this day. i was not quite prepared for the shocking change of him becoming a little boy suddenly. his tatie jamie cut it, and she did a really great job, despite his eventually realizing something was going on back there and repeatedly turning around to see what it was + saying all done over and over. haha.

ww 11_14_46
week 46: my grown up little boy! look at him! i have to admit its grown on me and i think he looks quite handsome here. my little hardy boys boy. sick on the couch, playing "coca" (toca boca) on the iPad. or maybe it was endless abc's, another favorite. i am amazed at how long the iPad keeps his interest, which does not make me happy and i try to really super limit his time with it. even though he asks for it all day long. ;P

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