Thursday, October 30, 2014

wilder in 2014: week 43

ww 10_25_7

sometimes it blows my mind that my baby is already big enough to ride around on four-wheelers (albeit of the very tiny, toy variety) and run around and jump...not to mention talk! he is full-on talking now. usually only one word at a time but he has thrown out a few complete sentences, too, which is insane to me. how did this happen?? this age is perhaps my most favorite age yet. it's challenging, to be sure, chasing and wrestling and now persuading and explaining everything to him all day long (i basically never sit down or finish a meal, haha). but it's also incredibly rewarding and i seriously can't think of anything that i would enjoy more right now. and it's funny that some days i feel like i'm waiting all day for bedtime when i can have some peace and quiet and alone time without someone jumping into my lap (onto my belly) or demanding me to do something for them, and then after he's gone down i almost want to wake him up and play with him again. what can i say? i find him endlessly wonderful.

ww 10_25_6
ww 10_25_3
ww 10_25_4
ww 10_25_5
ww 10_25_8
ww 10_25_10

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