Monday, June 13, 2011

do-it-yourself decorating

a jar of shells. 

jazz washed, bleached, sorted and layered our shells
in this cute little leftover jar.
isn't he clever?

in true vacationary fashion, 
there was a lot of lying around today ...
i won't tell you how much. 
but in between my lying-ins, i perused 
home decor magazines, in a wild fantasy of 
what we could do, if we had a house of our own.
until then, i'm content with our little homemade
decorations, which are also nice mementos of

p.s. i promise to do another what-i'm-reading-now post, 
as soon as i get through Possession. It's lovely and beautiful, 
but very dense, too. It's not exactly a read-for-hours-on-end type.


  1. I like this photo so very much. I like the memory of the vacation it draws upon, the idea of capturing such a thing so wonderful so well, the shadow receding (cowering? :) in the corner, and the slightly blurred books on the side--possession blending in with the rest of the color scheme, and the RcV solid and black and unremarkable--until you realize that its solid bulk is the silent anchor that brings out all the browns and mauves and ivories. magnifique on so many levels.

  2. Thank you! That is probably the best compliment i've had, especially since it's from you! And I like the way you describe photography/art -- making it sound so much cooler than I ever even thought!:)