Friday, June 24, 2011

the kitchen window

photos from my kitchen lately. 

i've been using my time off to start
making real food again. gone are the days of 
freezer pizza (at least for this week).
i love knowing that i'm using fresh, nutritional
ingredients instead of all the processed, substitutional, 
chemically-altered junk it's so much easier to find. 
it takes more time, more planning, more
work to eat real food. but it feels so much better
knowing we're eating something that's good for us.
okay, the baked goods aren't good for us, 
but they were delicious! and don't worry, 
we're sharing the brownies tonight. 

dark chocolate brownies in the making
add an egg or two for baked heaven
best blueberry muffins
cuban bread and soup for din din
vegetarian split pea soup
greens, potatoes and chik'n scallopini (meatless)
italian-style lentils over rice
fresh string beans
soup staples: garlic and onion
Oven-roasted red potatoes
best potato recipe ever


  1. Good for you! Real food is so worth it!

  2. Your photographs of food make me so hungry! The best food is made with love.