Thursday, July 28, 2011


ten things:

1. no alarm clocks 
2. a week and a half without A! 
3. Trader Joe's Colombian Supremo (a gift) 
4. warm soy milk at night (see 2 and 3)  
5. sister in law's engagement 
6. last friday's berry crisp
7. a clean bill from the dentist 
(except for the wisdom teeth that must come out, we won't talk about that)
8. brunch and barbecue plans with friends
9. trail mix during film class:)
10. starring in my crazy creative husband's stop motion movies at midnight.  
 bonus: alliteration in all thing literary, à la lolita.
(blooper) still from stop motion movie


  1. Yay for all 10, and especially #s 2 and 5!

  2. #10 looks so fun! You are too cute!