Saturday, August 13, 2011

the mex.

chips and guac. 

while we may have been secretly planning where
we'd eat breakfast tacos in austin this november, 
(torchy's and jo's on 2nd made the list so far)
we also really like taqueria del sol, here in atlanta
(as does everyone else apparently-the line was super long).
cheese enchiladas, mexican rice and beans and
almost nothing beats chips and guacamole. 
am i right?


  1. it does not get better than mexican food. it really does not.

  2. We went there! Unfortunately I have an aversion to spicy and was having a rough morning so I don't have very good memories associated with it. BUT, the one good thing I do remember is the AMAZING chips and guacamole. We'll have to go back and make good memories :)