Thursday, August 18, 2011

silence is golden

piedmont park 

was so quiet today, as Lars and i walked around, 
after having stalked a house down near there that
was just too good to be true online (and was) ...
you could still hear the highway, sort of, and some
construction - or something - beeping. but really, 
it was mostly quiet. there was this hush created by
the really lush trees, foliage and grassy knolls, if
you know what i mean. it was kind of wonderful.
i'm loving nature right now, even though i'm not
much out in it - probably because i'm not much out
in it:) and these little unexpected trips down to 
visit parks that aren't part of my regular routine
make me really feel like it's summer.
unfortunately i didn't have my camera on me, 
since i thought we were going to the dog park. 
instead, here's one i took last summer at piedmont,
which is probably very contradictory to my title...
oh well.

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