Monday, September 12, 2011

another housing update

i have that song "home home on the range"
in my head (i hope that's not just a texas thing).
not sure why except that we are camped out with the
in-laws/parents again, but of course they don't live
on a range:). it's just that feeling of peace, of being with
people you love and who love you and are so gracious
to take you in when you discover fleas at the hotel
you were going to stay at...
two years ago we came to "visit" and stayed for four months,
while looking for jobs. it's just like old times, and we are all 
much happier (and safer) here. thank you dear mama and papa grace
for taking us in again!

their house is so wonderfully peaceful and roomy and
full of light and comfy couches and twinkle lights. and
lars is ecstatic to be reunited with his best friend, molly.

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