Thursday, September 1, 2011

it's the 1st!

September + a day off.
september was always back to school time.
it still is, only i never really left. but atleast
being on the quarter system, each "semester" is
only 10 weeks long and i even get a week off before
the fall quarter starts. which is good.
sometimes you just need a day to do laundry,
throw away old clothes, help a friend move
into her new house, exercise for reals
and organize your sock drawer.

i also started a Bible reading challenge today.
my group and i are reading the new testament 
every day, due to finish on december 1st.
i'm excited to redeem some of those waste moments
that happen every day, no matter how busy i am,
and being washed in the water in the Word!
here's to a wonderful september!

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