Monday, September 19, 2011

just the beginning


this semester is quite unlike the previous 
semesters in that i have no formal classes. 
besides my internship, i'm doing an indepedent
study with one of my professors, and i've decided
to write a piece of fiction (which i'm hoping will
be good enough for my thesis). maybe you remember
that i started working on a writing project this
summer. my goal was to write everyday for
90 days and actually finish the story. it didn't happen,
but i'm trying not to beat myself up about it. 
i do, at least, have a start. and that's something.
now, i'm just trying to pick it back up.
it's quite tough. 

some days i wonder why i chose to study 
writing. i wonder why i didn't want to do something
in the medical field (esp. since nearly everyone
i know does), or why i couldn't have done something
more physical, like painting or cleaning houses. 
sometimes, physical labor sounds just so easy 
compared to writing. i know it really isn't,
and i'm sure i'd get tired of it. but sometimes, 
i'd rather do anything other than sit at my computer/
notebook and try to string together two words.

anyhow, here i am. plugging away. maybe, i'll share
some of my insights/struggles along the way (if i'm
not already worn out with the putting of the words
together;). i have no inspiration today, so if you have
any extra, feel free to send some my way!

the essentials.

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