Wednesday, September 28, 2011

quiet time

i have to celebrate this thing i'm doing right now, 
even though i don't have a camera and so can't take
a picture of it for you to understand. i know, i need to
get my pocket canon a battery and hope that fixes it!
anyways, i'm sitting in my school's library right now,
the library i sometimes make fun of because it is itty
bitty teeny tiny (that's what happens when you go to 
art school i guess), with barely any books at all and 
terrible hours ... and i'm sitting next to some big 
windows whose blinds are just a little bit open, 
a little bit up, and letting in some gorgeous
grey-sky light (my favorite kind).
i'm waiting for my first ever tutoring job,
and of course doing some writing, too.
it is an oasis of hushed light and books.
i love libraries,
even small ones :)

i can't wait to go here in january:

(new york public library)

1 comment:

  1. The post reminds me of an article in Elephant magazine (issue 7) on NYC artists. In the introduction there was a quick reference to Patti Smith's memoir, Just Kids and NYC independent bookstores. Just thought it's fitting to put that as a comment here. Keep celebrating.
    PS NYC library looks just like Vancouver art gallery.