Wednesday, September 7, 2011

rain rain (don't go away)

i think  summer is over
at least, that's what the weather man seems to be saying
with all this rain up in here parts. i've even been wearing
long sleeves and sweaters! who am i kidding...i wore those
all summer because of the a/c!:) anyway, lars is really
loving this new cool weather and i have to admit it feels
pretty nice. i was a little sad at first to see the sun go
so soon (and who knows, it'll probably be back right in
time for our move on sunday), but it's nice not to sweat
every time you step outside, eh? 

in other news, enjoying some free time and counting
down the days till we take up the nomadic life:)

1 comment:

  1. Cute door mat. Where'd you find it?

    Also, I love your red boots! Looking for some for this next season myself (although our summer still has been stretching into our fall, but it gets no argument from me there). :)