Sunday, September 25, 2011

weekend recap

pretty much all i did this weekend was write, 
write and try to write some more. 'try to' being
the key words. but i did make progress. that's
what matters. i'm also reading another really
inspiring book, which i'll tell you about later.

there was also:
1. sleeping in on saturday in the in-laws' guest room
2. breakfast en famille this morning thanks to marvin
3. booking our hotel reservations for nyc in january


  1. So when you write, what do you write?

    Also, NYC in January sounds awesome. Cold, but awesome! I've always wanted to go; I'm sure you'll have a blast!!

  2. hey! I am writing a longform piece of fiction (i dont want to call it a novel yet - that's too scary since i may or may not finish!:)'s hopefully going to be my thesis (if i finish). so that's what i'm writing right now.

    and yes, we are looking forward to nyc! my nyc grandmother is turning 90 so the family is gathering to celebrate with her. and jason and i haven't been to nyc together so im excited! :) but, yes i keep having to remind myself that i'm not going to be wearing sandals or open-toed heels! :)