Tuesday, November 1, 2011

so much to do! so little time!

november is 

(of course we writers do that every month, no?).
a month of t(of)urkey and baking pies,
of two weddings and a wedding shower. 
a month to take a trip to my home city,
finally try out hot yoga, 
wear buttery-soft, pecan-colored gloves
and hats with pompoms on top everyday,
decorate with pumpkins (and cook with them), 
remember to turn our clocks back
invite friends over for home-cooked dinner parties,
rediscover hot chocolate and chai tea,
stay up (or get up) for the famous Leonid meteor shower,
brush up those photography skills (by doing this or this), 
snuggle under the covers on cold nights
get up to write in the wee morning hours
(okay, maybe not so wee;),
run with wild abandon through crunchy leaf-laden forests
while re-reading my favorite novel,
roast marshmallows by an outside fire,
and savor the last days of another quarter
as a graduate student.

1 comment:

  1. ohhh nanowrimo, how you taunt me. your november sounds soo lovely though---and i am so glad i will be part of it :) xoxo