Wednesday, November 16, 2011

work it

hot yoga just blew my mind.

i've been tired lately, so jazz brought me
some cereal and coffee in bed, and i slept in till 9!
it felt so luxurious, even though i used to do that
all the time. but now that i get up early (usually), 
it's a moment of bliss when i get to sleep in.

then, i finally used my groupon for
the hottest hot yoga ever (105 degrees).
it was the best workout of my adult life.
(i can say that cause i was really still a kid
when i was doing krav maga.
remember that, you guys who did it with me?)

anyways, i think i just sweated my body weight
in water, so i need to go drink about a ton
and then go to bed!

i wish this was me or my photography;
it isn't, but i love these pics:

photo credit. found here.

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