Monday, December 5, 2011

27 years ago,

today,  my baby brother  was born.
mer, you are the person i've known
the longest. 
mum says that when you were born, 
i didn't pay any attention to you. 
i ignored you. let's pretend that's not true. 
because i do remember. 
i remember the bagel bites phase. 
the honey nut cluster phase. 
the spaghettios. 
mint chocolate chip ice cream.
i remember little league (i was an announcer). 
junior high football. 
i remember you drawing. 
learning to play the guitar. 
reading the classics with me. 
duke of me. (whatever that meant).
i remember your knife collection. 
your hats.
your mohawk. 
i remember your college apartments, 
with their constant korean or japanese food smell.
i remember your Bible's place in the 
bottom slats of the top bunk. 

you are the best, most wonderful brother
i've ever known, and i love you times a million.
and i'm so glad you were born so that i had
someone to boss around.
this is my favorite picture of us (especially you): 
and a few more of my favorites of you:
(because what are sisters for except embarrassment).

my two favorites guys in the whole world. my family.


  1. You brother is indeed a gem! Many happy returns of the day to him.

  2. He's so grown up! Cute pictures and such a sweet post! :)

  3. I know, I can't believe how grown up he is. And he's SOOO tall, too! :)