Friday, December 30, 2011

celebrating tomorrow.

i've never celebrated new year's eve with anything that spectacular,
except for the party we had at our maison in paris that year i studied
abroad, which may have been an xmas party, i dont recall...all my
new year's celebrations have been celebratorily challenged,
to say the least. but for some reason, this year, i want to see a ball
drop, wear a mask, cheer a parade on, have a dance party,
tip my hat, clink glasses and...i dont know....wear glitter?

so, since i'll be doing all those fun things tomorrow, we're having
a low-key night tonight. just hanging this painting jazz made me
for my 25th birthday, along with some shelves. i really love shelving.


  1. I looooove that painting!!! I've developed a bit of an obsession with art involving trees... so if Jazz ever decides to sell paintings as a side gig, I would like to put in the first order:)

  2. that is so sweet and i will definitely tell him! he is mildly obsessed with paintings of trees/branches/leaves too :) we actually have an idea for a painting of a wintry forest scene for our bedroom he needs to get started on soon! :)