Thursday, March 1, 2012

happy march day!

i'm so sorry for being mia and all that, but i'm a little swamped in real life right now; 
however, i had to say happy march 1st! because who doesn't love the firsts of things? 
and because who doesn't love march? and springtime? not me, i love it. ;)

so anyways, i also have a little list of things i'm looking forward to in march: 

1. completing all my rewrites for this thesis-majigeree
2. a break from school! yay! so i can keep writing my thesis :(
3. the first day of spring!! don't you love spring? i hope it's longer than last year!
4. a wedding, a wedding! can't wait to see my beautiful sisinlaw in her wedding dress!
5. going to as much yoga as i can before my passes expire!
6. keep on running, gosh am i glad i started that up again!
7. visit the doctor to make me good as new again (he will, right??)
8. and i'd love to finally do this
9. and this.
10. and this!

and who knows if i'll have time for anything else, but i'd love to hear what you're 
doing in march! anything exciting! i'd dearly love to throw a spring party, but
don't know if it's in the cards. anyone throwing a spring party for me?
let's have these flowers:


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