Thursday, March 29, 2012

nonsensical ramblings on being inside and my last quarter as a grad student

so,* i'm supposed to be writing/editing/fixing my novel right now, but ugh. it's so pretty outside. and i'd rather eat tacos. no, really, i would. i have this crazy taco craving, which is silly because it's almost all i ever eat. that and pesto tortellini. this family seriously needs some new dinners on our menu. i've realized lately that our grocery list is kind of always this: half n half, bananas, lunch meat (for the carnivore), pasta, tortillas, eggs, and cheese, cheese, cheese. clearly, it's dire.

but anyways — warning: nothing on here is going to make sense until i've had some really good breakfast tacos that i've preferably not made myself and are even more preferably from here. what? you haven't heard of breakfast tacos. oh, you must be from the south. or the midwest (so i hear). or, oh heck, anywhere else that isn't cool enough to appreciate the awesome taconess that is what's for breakfast. husband, when are we moving back home? just kidding :) — so yes, i'm trying to work myself up to some good ol' writing, but it's really hard to do in my house. why is that? i think i need more sunlight. if my dying ikea plant is any proof, then yes, i do. also, being at home is just more conducive to pajamas and hulu and endless coffee breaks, if you know what i mean. not that i've been doing that ...

i told myself over my last school break last week, that i would really treasure/soak up/appreciate/revel in this, my last quarter of grad school. i will probably never be in this situation again. but then my pup got sick and i had to stay at home so he wouldn't barf all over the place and now look where we are? on the floor, in our pjs. to me, enjoying school involves getting out early to a coffee shop to get your work done because really, who else gets to go work at a coffee shop? besides all those business men and bloggers and writers and oh. well, ok, but still, i know it's one of the perks of being a student. and yet, here i am, procrastinating because that is what the home is for. procrastination. i'm convinced.

and on another note, i'm really enjoying my gel manicure. i didn't think it would be worth the ridiculous extra money—and it's probably not—but i do like a deep pink shellac that's not coming off! pictured.

yep, that's all. just a little nonsensical ramble to inspire you while you are hard at work, as i'm sure you are.

* caution: this post makes no sense. it's better to avoid it if you can withstand all my charming rambles. but that's doubtful, i know. oh go ahead then, read on.

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