Wednesday, July 18, 2012

where we almost died

loverboy recently looked up the airline we took from isla mujeres in which there seemed a very good chance we were going to fall out of the sky while crashing and burning and dying very horrible deaths (ok of course probably not, but while the captain was incommunicado on the subject of the very scary turbulance, the flight attendants were cheerfully droning on about a credit card offer. why yes, thank you, i would like to sign up for a credit card as my last act on earth. go ahead and slap some fees on it for posterity while you're at it.).

and guess what?

apparently there's a whole corner of the internet reserved for people who are not exactly enamored with the airline (except for this one defense/survival guide for future customers). but really? i mean, who knew you should yelp your airline? obviously all of you do. and after paying $43 for CARRYONS (which i guess we would have known about had we been a little more review-savvy and a little less gleefully impetuous over the appearance of such low fares. fools!), we will now check with the siri before we do anything ever again.

you guys, we are in a real-life digital mother may i.

other than that, our trip to the island of women was wonderful. we remembered to read reviews. even after that one couple oddly told us in person, with their own voices, while looking us in the eye that we should definitely eat at a restaurant we were considering yelping.

much to our surprise (until we read the reviews afterward), it was one of the best meals we had there. or so loverboy thought. i personally was a big fan of the nachos.

so now i've been educated that the only way to travel is by following the advice of those who've been there and done that. but doesn't it seem like reading reviews kills the adventurous spirit (pun not intended)?

i don't know. so here are some more pictures of our vacation.

IMG_1761IMG_1776 copy
i was literally the first person in Mexico to see the sun that day! ;)
IMG_1830 copyIMG_1800 copy
this is the last remaining bit of a mayan temple on the island.
while observing a local basketball game, i noted that the disconnecting thing is happening in mexico too.
oh ho! not as disconnected as you think! also, love the sign in the background.

and alas, as my diana film was all mysteriously overexposed, these are all the pictures we have. i have to learn not to be afraid to whip out my big camera while abroad...


  1. Especially not while in London, for those who may live vicariously through them. ;)

  2. "Peace, love, and safe sex." Words to live by! :)

    Nathan is always on Yelp! He "yelps" everything. "Oh thanks honey, I'm so glad you checked out the reviews for that PARK before we went there and had a terrible time!"

    Don't get me wrong. Reviews can be helpful, but I'm with you on the adventurous spirit! That and I honestly just never think to check reviews for things other than movies and even that is a rare thing for me. So, yeah....I actually think yelp is most helpful for finding places that I never knew about. People will rave about a place and we're like, hey, we never even knew that place existed, but apparently it's amazing so we should check it out.

    How's that for the longest comment in history?! ;)

  3. Ha! Love the remark about the Oddity of getting a real, in person recommendation from another couple. :-)

    I'm a big fan of reading reviews as well, leaning heavily on Yelp and Tripadvisor when we travel. Then I feel guilty because I'm not so faithful about writing all the reviews I plan in my ahead. I guess that makes me a review taker, not so much a giver ... ;-)

    Glad you had fun,, though!

  4. i LOVE this post. the pics, the story, the insight on reviews (real and virtual). and i cannot wait to see you IN REAL LIFE :) xoxox

  5. me too! you are so sweet, xoxo.