Friday, March 29, 2013

38 weeks

i'm pretty much a pro when it comes to transitions as it seems like i've been in transition from one big life change to another for nigh on forever now. so i'm hopeful that this next transition of becoming a parent, which is sure to be the biggest yet, will come natural. or something like that.

until then, i'm soaking up as much alone-to-an-extent-except-no-not-really-at-all (baby hiccups are special reminders) time as possible. which is to say, i'm enjoying these last few weeks of pregnancy, even though my "not very big" bump feels like it's taking over the world and there are about a million and one things left on my to-do list.

but, the weather has been pretty spectacular lately, and oh golly, my mood is good :)

also, love this picture loverboy took of my 38-week belly: