Thursday, April 18, 2013

this babe of mine...

this is a shamelessly gratuitous post where i inundate you with millions of photos of my sweet baby boy. sorry. well, no, not really. but you should know that i'm actually restraining myself from posting every photo of him that i've it could be worse. go ahead and skip if you have no use for perfect sweetness. :)

also this little boy is a very determined sleeper. he refuses to wake up for anything more momentous than feedings. sometimes not even then. takes after his mama. ;)

i love him.


  1. That was WAY less photos than I was expecting/hoping for. Feel free to put up another gratuitous inundation post. With at least a million more photos. :) I can look at perfect sweetness from every angle all day long.

  2. I second that! I'd love many more pictures of your little dreamer!

  3. Love love love! And it seems to be unanimous - we all want way more pictures!!! :)

  4. Yup, completely unanimous!! These pics, though, are way way way cute. more more more! xoxo