Monday, June 3, 2013

homeowning/in the south/suburbia is here

so, this is from a few weeks ago. mother's day to be exact. i'm not sure how we ever got grown up enough to be homeowners, but it's happening. i'm not completely sold on the location of our house (hello, suburbia!), but loverboy says that it all depends on our perspective and it will be what we make it. he's right, of course. but then i also think that it's easier to make lemonade when the lemons you are handed are nice, big, pretty lemons (à la california or some other non-bug eaten, humid times a thousand, where the heck am i address;). no, but seriously, we are living in the sticks! okay, okay, i'll stop complaining, because yes, it really is what you make it and i am determined (as of this moment) to bring the party to this dirty little corner of the South. Keep Lilburn Cool and all that.

i have to say, loverboy has been quite the studly stud lately, mowing the lawn, fixing doorknobs and washing cars and stuff. we are serious about this little house in the burbs life...apparently.

you may have seen my instagram of a garage full of boxes. well, believe it or not, i have actually unpacked most of them. oh, what's that? loud applause? yes, well, okay, it was a huge feat of heroic effort, so thanks (pats self on back) (don't mind if i do). it was not easy to coordinate unpacking (and packing for austin) and naptimes with a fussy newborn. let's just say there might have been an inordinate amount of Chik-fil-A involved.

so, we've been going nonstop lately (except during our 3 daily naps of course;), moving and then my brother's wedding and then last weekend the Memorial Day Conference was here in Atlanta. i didn't make it to any meetings, but i did get to drive the hour-long (!) drive to the hotel where the conference was held downtown to visit some friends, so that was fun. we also had our first visitors over! no pictures because our place is still half-empty. or really, mostly empty. 

i'm thankful that our refrigerator finally made it into the kitchen after two weeks in the garage and our kitchen is finally fully unpacked so we can begin to eat real food. i'm really thankful for friends who bring over muffins and fresh flowers. and i'm thankful that my baby is finally learning to nap during the day.

...and for my next trick, i will make all these Georgia bugs disappear :/


  1. CONGRATS Rebecca. That house floorplan looks so familiar. Is it similar to Shif's old house?

    So happy that things are finally settling in. Hope they will for me soon.


  2. do you hear my LOUD applause? i hope so---cos everyone else is looking at me like i've lost it :) so happy/proud/excited for you. and i TOTALLY agree--it is what you make of it. and knowing you two, you will make of it awesome. so excited for that too :) xoxo