Monday, June 17, 2013

first father's day

these are still some of my favorite photos of Wilder with his Papa. these two together. they pull my heart strings out.

baby and i found ourselves awake extra early Sunday morning so we went and picked up some donuts for a father's day treat (and let's be honest, a mama's treat, too).

ever since we bought a house our to-do list has been miles long. miles i tell you. and so every weekend i feel like the crazyness comes to a head and i want to leave civilization behind and go live in a tent somewhere. (be it somewhere cool and humidity free where bugs go to die.) this past weekend was no different (mentally at least, even if we didn't get too much done...again), but we did manage to sneak in a little papa-son time for some extra cuddles Sunday afternoon, so that was nice.

this Papa Bear is really the best one around, and i'm so thankful and happy that Wilder has such a great father. he is a lucky boy. and i can already tell he's a little in awe of his Papa. for me, the best part of every weekend is watching them together. they rock my world. they do.

happy father's day to the best Papa! 


  1. This post just pulled my heart strings all the way out. Love you all so much!

  2. Ahh Gloria, we need you to come visit! love you too!