Wednesday, June 26, 2013

for your wednesday

i can't help myself. it's all i can do to edit down my photos, so i can't be held responsible for over posting of this little man. because, oh gosh, couldn't you just eat him?

it's impossible to tell in any of the photos i've taken but his eyes are still a smoky blue. other than that, the eng is strong with this one and has been since day one. however, i have lately started seeing more loverboy in him. (i mean look at that forehead!) so that's good too. especially his one pointy little left ear. that's my favorite.

this post is mainly to say that how this baby is right now at this very second is perfect and i want him to stay this way for ever. not really...but yes, really. no, i'm not serious. but sort of. he is the perfect little watermelon for me to hold. he's got heft, but not the way a six-month old has. those six-month-ers! man, they're like giants compared to this one!

also look at that wee chubby belly. yum.

off to whisper sweet secrets in his fuzzy ears. (itsy bitsy spider is a real rager right now.)


  1. He is too incredibly adorable, Becca! So happy you are enjoying mommy-hood!

  2. Wait, where's the 3rd shot where he follows through on the switch-up to sucking the left fist? ;)

    And my offer to be inundated with daily photos of sweet chubber-melon baby bear still stands (I will accept texts, emails, or any other form you can concoct, including video calls and beam-me-over-Scotty). Consider it a standing offer for, like, life. Or at least until we finally move next door to each other. Or at least in the same city.