Thursday, July 18, 2013

wilder's beach the pool

earlier this week we hit up the beach in north carolina family style. all loverboy's family on his mom's side were mostly in attendance and it was fun seeing Wilder meet all the relatives. he enjoyed having everyone cuddle and hold him. he did not enjoy being outside in the sun, but that's to be expected. when i was a kid i thought i was allergic to the sun. the beach was not my idea of fun. so he mostly spent his time inside, napping. as babies do.

but we were determined that he should like it, so we got him up early on our last day and took him out to the pool for a few minutes before it got too hot and bright outside.

these are some of my most favorite photos of him yet.


1 comment:

  1. Photo #1: "MOM! WHY is there a giant light bulb in the sky??"

    Photo #2: "Make it stop, Mom. Turn it off so I can go back to sleep."

    Photo #3: "..."

    Photo #4: "I don't understand why my bath has to be this big and cold. The small warm ones were just fine."

    Photo #5: "I love you too, Dad, and I'm glad you're having fun, Mom. But my feet are still in cold water."