Friday, August 16, 2013

friday! friday! know how it goes

it's friday! and i took a shower! that's how you know it's going to be a good day.

but also, wilder discovered this little elephant i bought him in his crib this morning, all on his own. i walked out to do something and when i got back, i found him holding and staring at it. he wasn't even eating it! it's so silly, but it really made me happy. what's better than babies hugging stuffed animals? probably nothing.

(notice lars creeping in the background. he really wants to eat that elephant.)


speaking of cute things, i'm not much of a cartoon fan, but i kind of love this little show loverboy just introduced me to last night. i mean, catbug. how can you not?

loverboy has declared he wants a calm weekend (a what?). little does he know i've planned an epic mattress buying adventure for us. because what's the weekend without an epic to-do?

also, can you get over this weather? it's turned fall suddenly. when i opened the door yesterday morning, leaves were actually falling. i love summer, but there's just something about cool, overcast weather that gives me the happy feeling. consequently, my mood is through the roof. friday, you did alright.

a merry weekend to all!

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