Friday, August 23, 2013

things i've learned lately


rainy mornings in our pjs with coffee are a great way to chill out from a hectic weekend.

sometimes, what you really want is sleep, but what you really need is a shower.

date night can be as simple as a glass of wine and a heart to heart on the couch with the loverboy.

tv is addictive and it makes me depressed. no more tv! but, we're on the last season of that 70s show and i want to see hyde and jackie get back together. but after that, no more tv!

the baby's vocal chords are working. hello 6:30 a.m. alarm clock!

postpartum hair loss is tragic. lars and i are shedding buddies.

trader joe's bagels are the best i've ever had.

friends who come over and help hang curtains and read to the baby while i iron and also bring popsicles? awesome.

and, i hate ironing.

it is really great to tell God everything.

babies hate getting hot. dogs hate leashes. the park can be challenging. twice.

this chicken piccata recipe is SO good and SO easy.

i could hold this baby all the live long day. stop growing my perfect sized baby! at least for awhile!


and yes, this blog is just a big excuse to post photos of my baby.

happy friday!

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