Friday, September 27, 2013

baby wilder {5.5 months}

photo 1

photo 2

i feel like i have a new baby this week. wilder is not even six months old yet, but ever since monday, i suddenly see a toddler where i used to have an infant. i was nearly in tears over it yesterday. loverboy tells me this is ridiculous and stands wilder on the floor to show me that he only comes up to knee height. while i'm thinking: knee height?? when did he get to be knee height?!

as of this week, this baby is almost sitting on his own. and then i realize how much of a baby he still really is when there is no change of expression as he face plants into the floor. i guess foresight knowledge hasn't kicked in yet, or else toppling doesn't concern him too much.

he has also discovered the power of his hands and is very good at grabbing things, especially hair.

every day i want to laugh and cry that my baby is no longer a tiny baby and that oh goodness, yes, he is, because look at these tiny shoulders. tiny baby shoulders! that's what heaven is made of. 

i also sometimes want to cry because his naps are getting shorter, and mama needs her own naptime. 

photo 3

photo 4


  1. Ohhhh the sweetness of that little face! I need another video date with you guys, stat! :)

  2. He sure is adorable! Watching them grow is such a miracle, isn't it??