Friday, September 6, 2013

savoring a simple life

there is something strangely pleasurable in living simply. when a frozen snickers bar for two is a treat. when room service at a decent hotel is a splurge. the hotel stay, a vacation. limitation helps you appreciate the small things, treasure the little things. giving in to limitation — or i should say, accepting it — is a relief, somehow. i don't mean the limitations of laziness or insecurity or low expectation. i mean the limitations of circumstance, of situation, of finances and family. of having what you need, versus what you want. while i still have wanderlust at heart, i am finding so much comfort in this place, this home, this family. the smaller handful of activities and things we have.

sometimes, in looking for my next big adventure or shiny new toy, i forget to appreciate the things i have. and sometimes it seems that the more i have, the more i want. and think i need. and i have a lot. i have unthinkable gads more than probably half the population of this planet.

sometimes, there is so much simple pleasure to be found in a cup of gas station coffee — a cup of bitter, burnt caffeine in a styrofoam cup with a fold-down plastic lid contains as much pleasure as a hot air balloon ride in the outback or picnicking on the pont des arts. more, even.

so, thank you, God, for this life. it is simple right now. and it is good.



  1. O that photo! It grabs at my heart and speaks volumes ... but your writing does too. I absolutely know what you mean. We are also having a simplified life right now in several ways, and like you, I am learning to appreciate what is, instead of what isn't.

    I know it's not easy, this season of life, but you are making the most of it and exercising to see it for the gift that it is. Amen to that.