Wednesday, September 11, 2013

yellow daisy festival

on sunday, we checked out the yellow daisy festival at stone mountain, which i may have mentioned is only a stone's throw away (also, sad but true: every time i say stone mountain i think of this).

there were a million arts and crafts (soap and prepackaged foods were in great attendance) and it took all the wind out of us, but we walked through the whole dern thing because that's what you do when you're declaring your freedom from the house. even despite the nice old lady who told us our baby was too young to be out. we just smiled real nice. and then we saw a teeny tiny baby who looked to be only a few weeks old and we passed the judgment on. ;)

also, as you can maybe tell, my iphone camera had to take over after my real camera died about 10 minutes in. so sad and blurry, but anyways:

hmm, did loverboy wear that outfit two days in a row or does he only have grey shirts and many pairs of the same levis? we'll never tell...
haven't you ever wondered what these dried pussy willows are for? i still think i should have bought one. for to make our home an authentic, southern home, i guess? next time, next time.
my southern grown baby! 
this italian ice was not a good substitute for funnel cake. i'm still regretting that. 
tex's tacos! i'd been wanting to try these. my chicken fresca taco was good, but nowhere near what a texas taco should be, says the inner taco snob in me. 
over it. and frowning his disapproval even in sleep, what a goob. i love him.

so, okay. stone mountain isn't bad. and now that we have our yearly pass, we'll be back! every saturday, says husband! at the crack of dawn! we shall climb the stone mountain! as a family! he has a great interest in making over-reaching proclamations that are easily forgotten though, so i'm not too worried about it. ;)

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