Wednesday, October 9, 2013

6 months, hit with precision!


wilder hit the 6 month mark with precision today! can you believe it? i wasn't sure he was going to make it on time, and then, wham! 6 months! boom. it's shocking how prompt these babies are with their getting older.

it feels like i just had him about a second ago. so that means in, oh, five minutes, you can expect a tenth birthday announcement. i mean. can this baby really be already halfway to one whole year of living? how does the time go by so fast?

so, i get these weekly emails about my baby's current development. today in my inbox: "6 months: week 1." and sometimes i don't want to read them and find out all the things that are developing and what i should be doing with my baby now (baby signing, introducing solids, new toys and activities, sleep training, 6 month vaccines, teething, bathtime in the big tub, separation/stranger anxiety). sometimes i just want to pretend that he's still 3 months. just for a little while longer. because does he really need to start sitting up and crawling around and eating with a spoon? can't he stay a newborn whose biggest milestone is lifting his head up in tummy time? it's just—it's all so fast.

and also, this week is a bit hard because of all those above things, which means very little sleep happening around here. for everyone.

and i might be a little bit cranky about it. i quite enjoyed this article the other day about parenthood. i'm trying to carpe diem, because you should, you know. and i am. but sometimes each diem feels like a mini lifetime (of no sleep and lots of caffeine and not enough time). and so sometimes, i can't make up my mind. am i loving this time of life right now? do i want to go back? forward? maybe somewhere else entirely?

of course i am loving this time of life. of course i am. it's just the sleeplessness talking. i am also loving the thought of another day off. how about grownups get two birthdays a year? can we make that a rule?

dear six-month-old wilder baby,

you're mama loves you more than lots. more than lots and lots and lots. to the moon and back and all around the globe. i think you're the cutest, most amazing things that's ever happened ever. i especially love your trilling ticklish laughs, your gummy smile, the way you fold your lips in to munch on them, the dimples on your hands, your fuzzy baby hair, that sweet spot on your neck that's perfect for kissing,  and the way you stare. i love you, and i can't wait for six more months with you. now please go to sleep.

here is my heart,

your mama.

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  1. i hope you are saving all these so he can read them one day.

    also, i am adding this gem to my quotables list, "i'm trying to carpe diem, because you should, you know." #perfect