Tuesday, October 1, 2013

my blessings


sometimes, you look at your husband and you realize the two of you just created the most amazingly perfectly beautiful little boy down to his pointy left ear and curly left eyelashes and those two little scars where his little fingernails cut him just under his left, quarter-Asian eye (darn those sharp little baby fingernails!). that's when you count your lucky stars that they are your family.

in preparation for my birthday coming up, i'm counting my lucky stars for these days. i can't believe i'm getting so old. i can't believe my baby is getting so old. i can't believe times is flying by so fast. but i am so happy to be here with these two. i hope this week lasts forever.


  1. You're starting to see the roles on the little fella! Chunky babies is where its at! :) And of course, the expressions are seriously priceless!

  2. yay for counting lucky stars. love that idea :) (may steal it around MY birthday next year). i hope that week is still going on, even as it is progressing and getting better. :P