Tuesday, November 19, 2013

saturday at the park


hello from the park! sometimes, on chilly grey saturdays, the only thing for it is to go to the park.

wilder loves swinging. i'm not sure but it almost seems like he could swing for hours, which is astonishing all in itself. but, as it's the only thing he can do at the park so far, it's always kind of a short trip. i guess the truth is mama can't push a swing for hours.

strings! and tags! the importance of them supercedes all other concerns.
even slides. slides are of no importance whatsoever.
what are we moving?
mama is much too excited about the slides.

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  1. Very sweet post! Keep enjoying mommyhood sis and Atlanta :) can I ask, what kind of camera you own? I've been wanting to buy a good one that takes nice pics as you got here :) Thank you!