Tuesday, December 3, 2013

lunch is served


gee golly frankenstein, thanksgiving sure is a lot of work! we made the turkey, a jalapeno red pepper cranberry relish, traditional stuffing, a gravy and some pies, and loverboy's mama contributed most of the side dishes. i think after we'd all stuffed ourselves silly and had played with the baby to our heart's delight and the grandparents had gone home and it was finally bedtime, loverboy and i looked at each other and were really thankful for all the mamas in our lives who have made thanksgiving for us all these years.

per tradition, i made apple and pumpkin pie again. however, i used a new pumpkin pie recipe from bon appetit (is it just me or do the BA recipes never seem to come out as good as they sound??), which i wasn't too thrilled with. and also, i used a food processor to make my crust for the first time and it wasn't up to its usual standard either. frankly, it was a bit of a thanksgiving tragedy. because as we all know, pie is really what thanksgiving is all about. i mean, that and giving thanks of course.

i've been making best friends with my bed again lately. loverboy took an extra day off work, which has been wonderful after the past few rather tiring months of him working late every day. so this weekend we spent some good time trying to go to bed early and sleep late. no, actually, that's a total lie. we didn't do that at all. but i think we got a few naps in there.

mama also finally got to use her birthday massage gift so i have to say that all in all, this thanksgiving was pretty great.

thanksgiving breakfast, reading up on how to make a turkey...we do things last minute here:)
contain your excitement lars.
the turkey. who doesn't love a raw turkey photo? :/
pie-making. i'm convinced that bon appetit always leaves a step or two out of their recipes. 
these two are always laughing together.
biggest ratio of dishes to mouths at thanksgiving ever
i'm so in love with this face.
bedtime reading with papa is the best.
baby feet!

so thankful for this sweet family of mine. they are kind of where it's at.

to next year! when everything will be made from a box! except the pie of course.

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  1. Those last two pictures are absolutely adorable. There is nothing better than watching the man you love being a daddy.
    and I agree! the past few years that I've been making thanksgiving dinner, I realize how thankful I am for my mom, aunts and grandmothers!