Wednesday, January 1, 2014

goodbye to 2013, hello to 2014


the year began in a rush for us. or rather, it ended in a rush. or, maybe it wasn't rushed at all, it just felt rushed because i didn't have time to stop and blog about it. so actually, it was going at normal life pace, but if you don't document your normal life on social media, did you even live it at all? that's the burning question isn't it. you know you're having fun when nobody on instagram knows what you're doing or what you just ate. that's my excuse for this really belated post anyways.

all years should end the way our 2013 did—with champagne and good food and cards with friends. it was one of our better new years' eves. we even stayed up past midnight, which is how you know you're not total loser parents.

in 2013, we did a lot. and we did a lot of nothing too (a cow says moo). i got to live out my dream of staying home with my baby. i learned that there are never enough hours in a day (especially not for sleep). that home-owning is a lot of work. that i have a palpable need to travel. that i'm not all that interested in housework but that i have an obsessive cleaning compulsion. that cookies make any day at least 50 percent better. that i've never been more thankful for the friends i have. that babies are the best things in life. and so is coffee.

2013, you were pretty wonderful. it will be hard to beat, i think.

2014 found us lounging in our pajamas with friends in D.C. we spent the morning playing with babies and eating the most delicious eggs over easy with sausage gravy and biscuits.

i'm looking forward to so many things this year.

in 2014, i want to slow down and enjoy the moments more, instead of always worrying about my to-do list. i want to kiss my baby and my loverboy another thousand times a day. i want to read the Bible more. i want to read all the books i just bought on amazon. i want to do some yoga. i want to laugh more. i want to sing more. i want to cook more. i want to figure out how to use the awesome flash that loverboy got for my camera. i want to sit down everyday to write. and i want to

i think this year is going to be good. i can't wait.


happy new year!


B in 2014


  1. Reb, I love all your outfits! I wish you could just shop and dress me daily. :) Happy New Year!

  2. B, you're just so beautiful. And so is your precious family. Love love.

  3. i think hope just really know your 2014 is going to be marvy! cant wait to see what you do with it. love love love!