Friday, March 7, 2014

wilder in 2014, week 10

ww 3_7

i left wilder with a babysitter all day on wednesday, while i had jury duty—i found out later, i could have been exempted because of having a child under 4(!). it was my first time leaving him for so long, and with someone other than papa! i think he actually did better than i did. so thursday, we played real hard. with all the books!

usually i have all the books that have regular paper pages out of reach, because of course he just likes to tear and crumple the pages, but heck, when you're doing a photo shoot anything goes. he was pretty entertained for awhile, all with this very serious look on his face. i love that he's so interested in reading these days. that look, with the little bottom lip tucked in a bit, is pure papa.

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