Tuesday, April 22, 2014

bunnies & treasure eggs!


over the weekend, we hid some easter eggs filled with bunny grahams for wilder. i can't say that he really got the whole egg hunt thing, but he really enjoyed eating those bunny grahams! basically, he is all for this whole fertility rabbit/chicken eggs/bunny cookie holiday. ;)

easter is a day that many celebrate the Lord Jesus' resurrection from the dead, and although i did not grow up celebrating the Lord's resurrection with easter eggs and egg hunts, loverboy and i celebrate and are so thankful for the resurrection of our Lord, every day. right now i suspect wilder is more thankful for fertility rabbits and the cookie-filled eggs they laid all over our living room, but we hope that one day he will understand that although we don't want to deprive him of bunny grahams, the reality of the Lord's resurrection means so much more to us.

at the church meeting on sunday morning i had a fresh appreciation for praising the Lord. in the meeting, someone spoke about Paul and Silas, praising the Lord in a Roman prison. how there was nothing outwardly, seemingly, to make them happy and full of praise, and yet, the Lord gained their praise anyways! they had been beaten, their feet were in stocks, they were deep in a Roman prison. and yet! they were able to praise and sing! what a defeat that is to the Lord's enemy. what a testimony and a victory for the Lord. in all my circumstances, whether they are outwardly good or not, i want to learn to praise the Lord like this.

there is a shiny tear tracking down his cheek in the left photo. our poor bunny is so sick and was so grumpy, until he discovered what a bunny graham was!
very well-hidden eggs, as you can see. you'd be surprised how long it took him to find them even still.
papa was needed to open every egg for him.
bunny grahams!
what with bunny grahams and birthday cupcakes, i'm afraid the introduction to sugar is well underway.
who knew bunnies could lay such delicious eggs!
egg hunting is tiring business.

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