Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pre-Birthday Party Goat Farm


before wilder's party, we took the little guys to the Yellow River Game Ranch which is actually really close by, for a little petting zoo experience. it was very well-stocked with wildlife. as in, it had bears? and coyotes? and a red fox?! i really felt bad for them, even though i didn't feel bad at all for the goats, alpacas, rabbits and what not. i don't know. there is just something about caged up bears that seems not right. and also, scary. those black bears are not as small as i thought they were! i can't even imagine what a grizzly or a brown bear would be like up close.

anyways, it was a good time. wilder mostly enjoyed holding a carrot and wishing he were just a little more steady on his feet so he could run off and get bit by a donkey (family joke). we will have to come back and let him do that when he's older. it was such a gorgeous day, i almost wish summer would never come!

who knew the wild was in our backyard? yeah. 
feeding some goats. i think that's a goat?
the little goats kept escaping. they were all over the place.
i actually found these bears incredibly sad. i don't think they should be caged up like this; it's just not right.
and peacocks!
carrots! haha. wilder was way more interested in keeping his carrot. and maybe eating it.
there was also a coyote and a fox, caged up. :/
see? goats all over the place.
and one very wise old goat. we had to pay him a toll for his wisdoms. 
can you believe pigs get this big? i kind of like him.
and an albino peacock to complete the show.

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