Monday, April 28, 2014

wilder in 2014, week 17

ww 4.25

yeaaaaahhh, late again with wilder's weekly portrait from last week.

a funny thing happened last week. on thursday, wilder woke up with the super grumps, and i was feeling all kinds of cooped up after a week (or weeks? it felt like weeks.) of laying low while wilder got over an ear infection + chest cold. i had exhausted my store of necessary (and also unnecessary) errands just to get us out of the house a little bit, but by thursday i had just had it with it all. also, it was a certain date on the calendar that makes me feel down. so despite the fact that all the good parks are really too far away, around one in the afternoon, i was packing wilder up to just go somewhere. but then, as i was buckling him into his car seat, i looked at the clock, realized there was no way we would go somewhere and have any meaningful time there and be back by naptime, and finally just gave in to a full day at home. so back inside we went with our grumps and our runny noses.

it's funny but sometimes i can spend a whole day with wilder without really playing with him. a lot of my time seems to be spent making and feeding food to him. or cleaning up food. and i would really like to not cook and feed and clean, sometimes.

so instead, we got down on the floor and read some books. and made some forts (and destroyed some forts;). and played with a hat and put on our shoes. and got really upset because mama wouldn't let him play with the camera remote. haha, the temper tantrums have begun!

gosh it was fun. this probably sounds like duh, but wilder's mood completely turned around (apart from the tantrums). he was my happy, goofy, inquisitive, sweet, cuddly baby all afternoon. it was a pretty intense bonding episode.

i've been reminding myself a lot lately that these days are finite. the older he gets, the more precious they are, because every day is another step away from the sweetest era of babyhood i could ever imagine. i am so thankful for afternoons like this to hang out with this tiny person. sometimes you need days of mundane play activities with your favorite smile to remind you that your life is amazingly wonderful.

and now, i can't help myself from posting all the photos from the afternoon. be advised: cuteness overload. i mean, in my oh-so-humble opinion. ;)


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