Tuesday, May 20, 2014

wilder in 2014: week 20

ww 5_20

ta da! wilder's portrait (late as usual) from last week.

so i purposely didn't post wilder's portrait last week because i knew i was going to austin for my cousin's wedding and i knew i would want to capture him looking spiffy. i didn't know how hard it is to wrangle a toddler while in a dress and heels, carrying a (giant) diaper bag, as a single parent! i'm pretty embarrassed of my photo-taking skills at important events. i am usually getting too caught up in the moment, or too caught up in chasing down this munchkin, to adequately capture the time. but i did get one of this insanely addictive face so i'm happy. also, thank you to all my aunts and uncles, cousins, brother and sister-in-law for helping me wrangle this tiny tot. he needs a village, so good thing my family is as big as one! now i just have to figure out how to move closer to them...


a mama in love

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  1. No apologies necessary for this photo -- it's totally a keeper! That glee on his face is just infectious. And that outfit! I'm sure he stole the show. :-)
    So glad you had a taste of the village to help you with what may have been a challenging time. Traveling with a toddler is kind of medal-worthy. And I know the feeling of longing to be closer when you have a little one and so need that village around you ...